Body shape, makeup, style, accessories, hair, face, eyes and more…

There’s a lot goes into defining who you are, and your style should reflect that: a complex mix with a common theme which is you.

That’s the essence of style, rather than fashion.  Fashion is fun, but  basically it’s something we all follow along with. Style is what’s uniquely you, and enduring about you.

That’s why it’s important to get it right.

It’s easier to know what colour or accessory or design to choose, if you know what it is you want to express. That’s when you’ll know whether it “works” or not for you.

Well, at least that’s exactly right until you go to work, or to a big social occasion, or away for a casual weekend – and turn into another of the facets of you. (It’s the number of facets that helps determine how much a diamond shines!)


You’re a complex person. Sometimes you might even look like you’re wearing a mask. But each of your facets is still “you”. All of you is real.


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