The new look of business style for men. Strong, individual, bold and masculine.

Men like to downplay fashion and style, but a look at any senior boardroom will reveal clothes and accessories selected to deliver strong, even intimidating messages. People playing hardball. That doesn’t mean a man can’t enjoy the game and have some fun.

Fashion for men has been restricted and codified, but that’s all changing. Now you don’t have to blend in, you can stand out – and develop a style that enhances your career.

Or you can choose a style that harks back to era oo old money and old school ties.

Established, powerful, connected: understated colours, cut and and classic styling can make the loudest whisper.

Whatever your style, accessories can matter just as much for men as for women, often serving as symbols of status.

In the top levels of the corporate world, men’s accessories like watches, cufflinks, ties and pocket kerchiefs can be incredibly important.


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