People in professional offices are often resistant to wearing uniforms, but you can create a corporate style that allows virtually unlimited individuality – while making a powerful statement about your business.

How people dress in a corporate office has a big impact on customers and what they think of the business.

It can even affect charge rates.

For professionals though a uniform is usually not the answer. What’s needed is a theme that expresses the values and character of the business, while allowing individuals to express their personalities within it.

This can be done by defining a broad style, with a range of related colours, style variations, accessories and mix-and-match options that people can use to create their own look while being part of a powerful company statement.

You can include men and women in the same style parameters.

An introduction and training session will help get your people involved and understanding how to mix and match to suit them, while the style guidelines and choice of options ensure the overall impact.

If you want to know more about how you can achieve a stand-out corporate dress style, contact me, Sandra Barnsley.

Is mixed casual dress right for your workplace? Or does it send your clients a message of sloppiness?


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