Image is made up of many subtle influences. Factors that, taken by themselves, we might never notice. Colour is especially important, because of its power to affect the senses and the emotions. Use of clothes and accessories – fabrics, styles, complexity – heightens image. Voice is important, including projection, tone, pace and firmness.

From all these objective values come the intangibles of poise, personality, strength and confidence. Together they determine how we feel about ourselves and how others respond to that feeling.

What your image does

Image talks to people about success. Success in business. In family. Within your community. In your relationships. In life. Image tells people that you are there, and that you are to be reckoned with. It can tell them that you are a good person to know and be friends with. Or that you are a colleague to be respected.

Breakthrough by image

Sometimes people form expectations of us that lock us in; that don’t give us a chance to show our real positives. Changing your image is a powerful way to break the cycle. People cannot ignore genuine image change. Image is undeniable to their senses, it makes their expectations incongruent with their perceptions, creating pressure for them to change their judgments. And it’€™s not just other people.

Change your image to others and you will start to change your self image. You will become true to your image of who you want to be.

How they see you how you see yourself

Your image starts with how you are to the world, but it finishes with how you feel about yourself.

Confident in yourself, so you’€™re confident in any situation.
Noticed and admired, even by people you’ve never met before.

Able to take control of situations.

Positive about your life and how you are living it.

Image is the gateway to success, whether you are pursuing career gains, personal change – or you just want to get more out of life.

I can show you how to do this. It’s not hard and it doesn’t need a celebrity budget. I’m Sandra Barnsley.

You can develop your unique, personal style in a way that gives you self confidence and gets you noticed and respected, including business and corporate dressing.


Effortlessly at ease, but still a standout.


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