Young, female – and confident at work: that takes style.

Hard work will get you to the top. Eventually. Probably. But you’€™ll get there faster if your image reinforces your achievements and potential.

It is a simple fact of life: whether you’re a man or a woman, no matter how hard you work, your career will be either enhanced or retarded by your image.

An effective image gives you confidence to be yourself and it gives others confidence in you, so they’€™ll follow your lead.

If you look confident, employers will think you can tackle something bigger.

If you look like you belong in the corporate world, people will be happy to introduce you into it.

If you look like success, your efforts are more likely to lead to success.

Career dressing is a skill you can learn.

Style and image consultant Sandra Barnsley can teach you the simple rules you can use to build a successful image, that gets you noticed, gives others confidence in you and give you confidence in yourself. Courses and personal services include dressing for business, corporate dressing, wardrobe planning, personal style and personal shopping guidance.

Move to the lead with style.


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