A leading expert in image in Australia, Sandra Barnsley trained in colour and image at the Fashion Academy in California and then with world renowned make-up artist Jean Pierre Fleurimon.

After graduating top of her class, Sandra was accredited as the Fashion Academy representative in Australia. This led to her delivering workshops, seminars and individual consultations throughout Australia and in Asia, as well as appearing on TV and radio.

She introduced the Total Image concept to Australia, making her a pioneer in the industry.

Sandra began her career as a model. She has managed several successful beauty salons. In 1985 she established her own colour and image consultancy in Perth. She sold this in 1994 to spend more time with her young family.

Following further training at the Fashion Academy, including new methods in Image and Colour Analysis, she has now started a new business, Your Image.

At Your Image, style and image consultant Sandra Barnsley provides personal consultations and image coaching for men and women, including in a corporate setting.

If you want to look and feel your best, be noticed and thought highly of, Sandra Barnsley can help you develop your personal style and image for maximum effect.


Makeup can be fun and experimenting leads to new ideas and that can refresh your look.


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