It’s worth the effort to develop a strong personal style, that helps you be who you are and get noticed and respected for it. But just making an effort is not enough: in today’s busy world, you need to the most effective, time and cost saving techniques and tricks. You need practical know-how. That’s what this site is about.

Here you will find practical tips on style, colours, building a versatile wardrobe on a budget, cosmetics and makeup, hair, the use of style to advance your career and even style information for men.

Sandra presents very affordable short courses in Perth and sometimes other places in Australia. These are not aimed at models, as most courses are, but at real women with busy lives and perhaps careers and families, who just want some practical understanding and guidance.

A personal colour analysis and recommendations is a good place to start.

Very popular are Sandra’s Wardrobe Magic workshops where she shows you how to cull your existing wardrobe and add to it, so it contains only pieces you actually wear. You’ll be able to put together varied outfits in which many pieces serve multiple uses.

Sandra’s goal is to show you how you can build a versatile wardrobe that makes you look good in any situation, on a budget.

Accessories are key part of this where people are often uncertain about how items can be matched and how they should work together. People often spend a lot of money on accessories that don’t work for them, so just this section of the workshop can save the course cost over and over.

After they’ve done a Wardrobe Magic workshop, people often join Sandra on a guided shopping tour. As well as being a lot of fun and a great day out, a guided shopping tour can really give your wardrobe a boost – especially during sales seasons.

Sandra also offers a range of all-natural, new generation cosmetics and new-technology anti-ageing products.

Customised workshops are available for groups.

To find out more send Sandra a message via the Contact page.

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Sandra Barnsley, a practical, internationally experienced fashion consultant now working in Perth


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