Every business knows the critical importance of image. Customers, share markets, bankers, trade partners: they all respond to image.

Creating an effective corporate image takes more than advertising. It’s also about people. The managers who deal with other businesses and with governments. The sales staff who represent you to the public.

The presentation of all staff impacts on the success of the company, so it makes sense for management to take control of this all-important aspect of its image.

For some businesses, you need a stand-out uniform, with individual variations.

Even professional businesses will benefit from having an overall style that all staff express through their own adaptation. It won’t be a uniform, but it will be a recognisable style that expresses corporate values as well as the individual.

I’m image and style consultant Sandra Barnsley.  I can:

Give individual coaching for executives who need specific skills and to create a certain impact.

Advise on up-market, flexible and varied corporate fasand group workshops where company identity and skill levels can be raised.  Each program is tailored to your specific needs.

Sandra Barnsley can arm your people with an understanding of style, image, colours, corporate dressing – and how to build a wardrobe that is cost effective and image effective.

Please enquire about prices.

Is mixed casual dress right for your workplace? Or does it send your clients a message of sloppiness?


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