Natural Compatibles Make-Up

This is a unique make-up concept that is based on the principles of art. Eye shadow colours are chosen for your eye colour not what you are wearing. This brings out your eye colour and makes the whites of your eyes whiter. You will look younger and more attractive using this unique concept. Looking your best is achieved by using specific colours and the Feature FocussingTM technique which highlights and defines the two main communicating features of the face – eyes and lips.

Style and image consultant Sandra Barnsley is introducing these new techniques to Perth women.

New generation products

Have you ever marvelled at how many modern actors and actresses are able to defy our expectations of ageing? How they look, literally, ten years younger? New generation anti-ageing products actually slow down the biological effects of ageing, especially the visible effects on the skin and face. Ask about new products that can regenerate your stem cells. Now the same products the stars use are available to Sandra Barnsley’s Your Image clients.