Everybody has a style. Sometimes it’s accidental and inconsistent. Sends the wrong messages.

If you want your style to express who you want to be. If you want people to notice.

  • Then this site is for you.
  • No matter what your age, your body type, what you think about yourself: you can have a more satisfying, fulfilling personal style.

And I can show you how.

I’m Sandra Barnsley. I’ve had a very successful career as a style consultant including to some high fliers in fashion and the corporate world. Now I’m more concerned with normal people.

I’m based in Australia (in Perth). I’m approachable and affordable. Practical and hands on (see my Wardrobe Magic, for example). And I can help you – and your friends – create some style excitement in your lives.

Send me a message via the Contact page, include your mobile number and what State you are in and I’ll call you.