Understand how to choose clothes that will make you look great.

Discover what necklines, dress styles, skirts and pants that will make you look taller, slimmer and in proportion.

Whatever the season’s fashion is, you’ll be able to chose the options that make you look your best and give you self confidence in your image.

Style and image consultant Sandra Barnsley’s Your Image Style Makeover is an individual or small group workshop where you learn hands on the rules and techniques for creating the image you want. They aren’t hard to apply. The results can be immediate.

Included with your personal style is your own Personal Style Portfolio.

Your portfolio will walk you through all the key elements of style, including dress and accessories. Illustrations make it easy to understand what the words mean.

Your Personal Style Portfolio will be adapted to the realities of your physical makeup and to your personal image goals. It will give you basic building blocks you can put together; this goes with that style.

If you are committed to improving your image, you’ll use your Personal Style Portfolio every time you shop, before every important event – probably, most days of your life.

  • Style Makeover and portfolio start at $195.