Inside your wardrobe there are probably clothes you never wear. And other clothes you should never wear.

The money you spent on these image failures could have bought you a far more effective wardrobe. Colour Style and image consultant Sandra Barnsley’s Wardrobe Magic workshop can teach you the few simple techniques that will help you make the most of your wardrobe money, regardless of what your budget is.

You will learn how to create a fashion wardrobe where every item works for you in multiple ways, to express your personal style and give you self confidence.

Sandra will show you hands-on how to:

  • Put together a flawless look every day in a matter of minutes.
    Look like you have lots of clothes when you only have a handful of items.

  • Add to your wardrobe with confidence, knowing it will mix and match perfectly.

  • Wring the maximum benefit from every clothing purchase. No more “wear it once and forget it” purchases.
  • Save big money by buying only what you need and what will work for you.
  • Create a wardrobe that makes you feel attractive, comfortable, powerful, sexy and completely yourself every day!
  • Learn about colour and how to make it work for you

You’ll benefit in your career, your social life – and in yourself. Plus, our Wardrobe Magic Workshops are fun!
Contact Sandra to register your interest in joining a Wardrobe Magic Workshop. Please be sure to suggest some dates suitable for you and say what city you are in.